When will 3D printed houses be available?

This is a question, that gets regularly asked in the community of 3D printed houses and it is kind of misleading because it can mean different things. It might mean:

          – When will the first houses be made by construction 3D printing?

          When will you be able to buy the first 3D printed house?

          When will 3D printing be a widespread technology in construction?

I hope that in this article I will be able to answer all of these variations of the famous question of “When will 3D printed houses be available?”

Generally speaking, there are already 3D printed houses and you can buy them, in theory. The problem lies within finding a construction company with access to a 3D printer, that is willing to go through all the trouble of building an approved and safe 3D printed house with you. If you had enough money to fund the process yourself, it gets way easier since you could simply buy a printer and assemble the right workers to operate it.

Nevertheless, lets move on to the different things the question of “when will 3D printed houses be available” implies:

When will the first house be 3D printed?

If this is a question you had on your mind, you probably haven’t been very much up to date on the 3D printed construction industry. But nevermind, we are all here to learn something 😉 Actually, the question is not that easy to answer because there are a couple of answers, which could all technically be right.

          First habited 3D printed house was built in Nantes in 2018

          First two-story 3D printed house was built in Beckum, Germany

          As well as a couple of companies claiming to have built the first ever 3D printed house

Long story short, there already have been plenty of 3D printed buildings made all over the world. Some of the most notable ones might include the Dubai municipalities by Apis Cor, the COBOD 

When will the first 3D printed house be built?

There have already been printed plenty of houses,

When will you be able to buy the first 3D printed house?

This is a very personal issue and it depends on a couple factors such as:


If you are new to the 3D printed house, you might do a quick google search and immediately think it is a piece of cake to buy a 3D printed house…

My favorite article is the one saying  “These 3D printed houses can be printed today and Move-in Ready Tomorrow – for Under $10k” Well, while this article shows that clickbait is well and alive, since they managed to get to the top of Google, it is pretty far from the truth.


What my fellow writers at mymove did in the text was show some 3D printed pilot projects, use the misleading information these companies have put out and then make it seem as if everyone can buy one today for 4000$ and then tomorrow you have a new house, ready to move in….

So back to the question: Can you buy a 3D printed house? Yes! Just there are a couple problems with this: You need to find a construction company, which has connections to get a 3D construction printer or even has a construction printer. Then, for some reason they have to decide that from the houndreds of potential customers and pilote projects they could manage, yours is the one they want to pursue.

You could do that by offering a lot of money, having connections to the construction company or even offering to take some responsibility in the project.

Can you buy a 3D printed house?

Buying a 3D printed house is at the moment only possible through putting a lot of effort or money into the project. Connections to construction companies might also be helpful!

When will 3D printing be a widespread technology in construction?

Whether, and if so, when 3D printing will be widespread in construction is not very easy to answer.

3D printed construction will most likely become more and more prominent over the years. Although you can never be certain that no new developments will get in the way of this technology, it seems to be very likely that it makes a considerable impact on the construction industry. When that will happen is largely dependant on future technological advancements, investments into the industry as well as public opinions and demand for 3D printed houses.

As biased as I may sound, if you really want to learn about how ready the 3D printed construction industry is, you need to check out this whitepaper by COBOD. Of course you might argue that COBOD is obviously very much involved in the 3D printed house, nevertheless they still have produced some valid criticism on the industry. Basically, the main point is that we’re not as far as the media wants us to believe we are, but the technology is very promising. Maybe in 3-5 years we will see 3D printed houses become more and more common, until then, it will probably be reserved for art projects and few residential buildings.