6 Amazing ways to experience design freedom in your home!

Usually, when I talk about the design freedom of 3D printed construction, it sounds like just another phrase, already used a million times and noone really understands how that would help them personally.

That’s why this time, I will try to give some examples as to how you can use the freedom of design to spark your creativity a little bit! I went around my house, which I tried to design pretty freely (3D printed construction would have helped me a lot) and asked a buddy to do some 3D designs of what you could easily do with the design freedom of the 3D printed house, here is what we came up with:


Caged birds sing of freedom, free birds fly
Thorolf Rafto

Design freedom for your house

As you can see in my little graphic, a big percentage of Americans prefers to buy their own houses. There are many factors mentioned if you ask them why, but one of the main ones is that you can personalize your own house. You can simply adjust it to your style, your needs and your character. In my opinion, the personal touch is what makes a house a home and that’s where 3D printing the house comes into play!

How do 3D printed houses give you more design freedom?

On the bottom you can see the folders (the ones with the house on the side) in which I had all the applications and extra forms I had to fill out for every single extra in the house. The cheapest and least expensive way to build a house has always been to stick to the monotonous and uniform way, which the architect had intended.

For every bit of creativity and uniqueness in your home, you have to discuss hours with your supervisor and in the end, dig deep into your pockets. Even things that should be less effort for them such as using a cheaper material for the walls, cost extra, at least from my experience. 

3D printing houses can make personalization much easier, because the entire house can be easily designed using a CAD programm (computer aided design). 

  • can be built in under a month
  • many shapes
  • many materials
  • simple way to design the house
  • lots of methods for personalization
  • on average 9 months to build
  • often times hard to personalize
  • limited possibilities

#1 Built-in furniture in the 3D printed house

Here in germany, built in beds have been a longtime tradition, called “Alkhoven”, which has had a comeback in recent years. There is just something so comfortable and assuring about sleeping within the walls of the house! Also other furniture like cupboards or bookshelves can look great, when it’s built into the walls! Of course, this requires some planning beforehand, but if you go for a 3D printed house, it is a quick process. 

Above you can see a CAD animation of what a built in shelf might look like. This took my buddy literally a couple minutes to design, so you can be assured that 3D printing with a good construction company offers you possibilities such as this one without much of an issue.

#2 Mixed materials in construction 3D printing

Even though a construction 3D printer will usually only print one material, it’s pretty easy to make him skip a couple of walls, where you can later get someone to build in whatever material you like.

As you can see on the left, I am personally a big fan of some wood, but any material would be possible.

How cool would it be to have a full-marble room?

#3 Round shapes 3D printed

The circle is a symbol, which has been used for ages to represent perfection, wholeness as well as infinity. A lot of ancient houses even used to be built in circle shape, nevertheless nowaydays we force our houses into this strict square form. Building a round house, or even some round elements within the house, is something, which many traditional construction companies might object to. 

With 3D printing on the other hand, you might have more luck. The Apis Cor 3D printer shown below for example, is even specialized for round shapes and circles. This is due to the robotic arm, which is fixed in the middle. As you can see below, it can ideally use its full length by building round shapes!

Image property of Apis Cor presskit

#4 Custom walls 3D printed

At first you might be thinking, what the hell would I need custom walls for?

Well, setting custom walls wherever you want with just a few clicks can be a huge advantage.


As seen here you could add a bar to your kitchen!
Maybe as in my bathroom, you can put the sinks up on a wall, which doubles as a privacy screen for the toilet!
Or, the third idea for custom walls, you can seperate the dining room from the living room by having a custom wall going through the room, that ends in a fireplace and has the smoke pipe installed inside!

As you can see, I am personally a huge fan of custom walls and probably would have saved a lot of money if construction 3D printing was developed enough back when I built this house…

#5 3D printed hobbit cave

As you might have guessed, that picture above is photoshopped, since I do not have any kids yet. But when I do, the first thing I’m going to build for them is a small hobbit cave, because that is something I have always dreamed of having as a kid. This man has had some great success building a hobbit cave, but it took some time and effort. 

I again told my friend I’d get him some kebab, if he can design it for me and he went kinda overboard with an actual 3D design of a movie hobbit cave!

Of course this one is a little big to be a childrens’ playhouse, but the concept is great!

Since a hobbit hole is something pretty specific, my idea would be to 3D print it in my own backyard. The biggest amount of work would go into the walls and they are the ones I can simply print, designed using a simple software. Afterwards I only have to work on the foundation and the roof, which can both be pretty easy if it’s only designed to be a small children’s playhouse. Thanks to the freedom of construction 3D printing, I can even work out all the details of a hobbit house such as rounded walls and round door frames. 

Below is the 3D printed design of a hobbit hole, created by aforementioned friend:

#6 Fireman's pole

Another dream of mine I’m hoping to realize as soon as I have kids: The fireman’s pole. Just in addition to a second staircase, leave a hole in the ground and cement a pole in it.

Not only is it fun for the kids, when you call them to eat they don’t have any excuse to dawdle!

This is also possible with traditional construction, since 3D printing usually is not involved in the floors, but you could actually get the pole 3D printed alongside the house….


3D printing is a technology that offers you a lot of design freedom. This design freedom is something everyone needs in my opinion, in order to feel at home and good! Would you rather want to live in a uniform blob of concrete, or a house designed by and for you, to fulfill each and everyone of your needs.

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