Im just a guy, very keen on 3D printed housing, who always likes to stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry


I am neither a professional engineer nor a trained expert


Nevertheless, I put a lot of effort and research into each and everyone of my posts


I am very interested and amazed by all the doors this technology is opening

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Me and the 3D printed house


I am a regular blogger, who recently stumbled upon the possibility of a 3D printed house. As a lot of you might have noticed, the costs of buying a house nowadays can take up a huge portion of your salary. Yes, there are other options like renting or buying a cheap bungalow, but few things feel as good as being able to call a beautiful house home. Since I, too, have had this dilemma recently, I was immediately amazed by the idea of 3D printing your own house. I started researching and learned a lot about the topic of a 3D printed house, so I wanted to share what I learned with you on here. I hope I can help some people in some way or another and keep you updated on this exciting possibility, although I am not a profesisonal so if you find anything wrong with my content please let me know and I will try to correct it asap. Now, I interview leading experts in the field and visit construction sites in order to always be up to date.  

I am solely someone interested in the topic of a 3D printed house, everything I talk about is what I learned so far about the progress and I can not guarantee accuracy.

I provide an email newsletter, where I share the newest and most interesting findings on the development of a 3D printed house. I am not going to spam though, since this would just bother most and be too much of an effort for me 😉

As of now, it is not yet possible to buy a 3D printed house without acting as some kind of guinea pig. I recommend you to stay up to date on the topic via the newsletter and you will know if it is even the right fit for you.