About me


Web Design 80%
English 78%
Construction 80%
3D printed construction 100%
Modesty 12%

My story

You know how other kids always dream of becoming a fireman, policeman or princess? I was always fascinated by construction, I loved seeing buildings created and always wanted pictures taken with cool buildings, as you can see on the right.

Then, when I finished school I got into another direction because construction is not looked upon as a “good” job where I come from. I got into Online Marketing, started working for an agency and had some notorious clients there, but I never really felt like this is what I wanted to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved building websites! But this idea of building something big such as a house never quite left my mind, so I decided I’d combine the two!

So I quit my job and started trying to build websites about things I personally am passionate about! As the YouTuber Jarrett Gross would phrase it, “I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the 3D printed construction industry”.

Even though this website is pretty new, I have gotten some amazing feedback and I was lucky enough to stay in contact with the major companies in this space and even had the honor to be the first to anounce some news for a company, such as COBOD’s efforts to print at an angle! 

Since I know a lot of you don’t want to read all of that, I created a pros and cons list of me in traditional Online Marketing fashion:

 + always up to date

+ in contact with the major players in the industry

+ passionate

+ love writing content for you

+ visiting all the big 3D printed houses in the near future

+ experience investing, to show you how to make money from the industry

– there is only one of me

– a little arrogant